Spirit of an Entrepreneur – Chantäl Patruno

I never had a master plan for my career. I didn’t have a clear view of ‘What I wanted to be when I grew up’, and therefore how I would need to skill myself up for that.  I was awarded a bursary at the end of school which took me into the world of education,Continue reading “Spirit of an Entrepreneur – Chantäl Patruno”

Launch of the Ignition Room

The power of questions is what often triggers reinvention.  Questioning ourselves, and questions from others can spark a moment of reflection where we stop in our tracks and move below the surface of our current life patterns, and ask, “Why?”, “How?”or “When?”  We believe that is where reinvention lies, in that moment of consideration, and then a commitment, toContinue reading “Launch of the Ignition Room”

Being Your Authentic Self – Chantäl Patruno

Most of my work comes from the heart – that light inside my ‘wise’ self that has been developing since I was a child, fuelled by passion and determination to somehow make a difference in the world. What I do and how I do it doesn’t rely on external validation anymore, rather I turn inward,Continue reading “Being Your Authentic Self – Chantäl Patruno”

The Pathway to Promotion – Chris Williams

Managing your career, and your next promotion requires positioning across a variety of dimensions.  Those that are looking to advance their careers, tend to have distinct traits.  They are focused on results and have the following characteristics: Client Focus – High performers are tuned into their client’s needs.  They understand client concerns, anticipate what’s next and adviseContinue reading “The Pathway to Promotion – Chris Williams”

How To Constructively Challenge – Chris Williams

Every day we are faced with situations where our point of view can be challenged.  Being able to present your ideas, and work with others with opposing views is a critical leadership skill.  It takes confidence to challenge others, and the intelligence to balance this with showing respect for, and listening to others.  When challengingContinue reading “How To Constructively Challenge – Chris Williams”

Taking Initiative – Chris Williams

When you take initiative you are signalling to your Manager you care about your clients, and the service you provide.  Taking the first step may place you out of your comfort zone, but your Manager will usually welcome it.  Why?  Leaders are often presented with issues to solve by their team members, without being givenContinue reading “Taking Initiative – Chris Williams”

Carol Purtell – Express Yourself

On International Women’s Day, it is important to reflect on the contribution of women across the world, and those who are unable to speak up, for fear of persecution.  For many of us, we are privileged to live in a society where we have the ability to openly express our views, and enact change.  ButContinue reading “Carol Purtell – Express Yourself”

Brid Russell: High Performers

In my experience, being a high performer is based on being a value adding, hardworking, dependable contributor to the company.  To do this, you need to understand your organisation, the people in it, your clients and what they value.  This takes some analysis,  assessment, and you need to draw insights, but once you do thisContinue reading “Brid Russell: High Performers”

Brid Russell: Facilitator or Disruptor – You Choose

“If you aren’t the facilitator, you can end up being the disruptor in the room.  As facilitator I help bring people on the journey – its like being a UN ambassador. This changed the game for me, it became like chess, and my focus shifted to how I could help move things forward.”