Launch of the Ignition Room

The power of questions is what often triggers reinvention.  Questioning ourselves, and questions from others can spark a moment of reflection where we stop in our tracks and move below the surface of our current life patterns, and ask, “Why?”, “How?”or “When?”  We believe that is where reinvention lies, in that moment of consideration, and then a commitment, to do something right now, even the smallest thing to move in the direction of your full potential and aspirations.

We hope the Ignition Room sparks your imagination and opens you to consider “What if I…” and “What can I do in the next 24 hours to move towards this?”  Big or small, these first steps are important.


Published by stepheniewatts

Imagine if you could gather insights from others' experiences, and apply that to your own life. Where you could be? This is the inspiration behind Reinvention Lounge.

One thought on “Launch of the Ignition Room

  1. What if I could be a great artist after all?

    What would I need to do to achieve this goal? Well draw something of course, but what could I draw that others would like? Why would it matter? Would it matter? Only if I wanted to sell it.

    So what is stopping me drawing things that I don’t have to care if anyone wants or likes them? Even if I don’t like them does it matter? Did Picasso really paint his most famous works to sell? (No serious I really don’t know?)

    All I ever wanted to do with my drawings was show a little of my inside to the outside and take it back in. To me that is where the reinventing begins.

    Only by looking at the inside of my mind do I truly find what I need to ignite. My passion for drawing to calm myself is a way of feeling connected to this world in the same way photography is my way of closely taking in our world to my heart.

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