The Pathway to Promotion – Chris Williams

Managing your career, and your next promotion requires positioning across a variety of dimensions.  Those that are looking to advance their careers, tend to have distinct traits.  They are focused on results and have the following characteristics:

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Your ability to acquire these characteristics will influence your career trajectory, and your effectiveness as a leader. 
  1. Client Focus – High performers are tuned into their client’s needs.  They understand client concerns, anticipate what’s next and advise them appropriately. High performers look out for opportunities to make their clients successful, in the immediate term and future.
  2. Relationship Building – Your ability to be effective is largely based on your ability to influence outcomes, and people. Being able to initiate, build and develop relationships will help you shape results. Internal relationships are important, and so too are your external contacts.  You should aim to build relationships and identify synergies across your network, including those outside your organisation such as alliance partners, and other organisations.      
  3. Making the Complex Simple – High performers find ways to aggregate and synthesise thoughts, ideas, variables and concepts, in a meaningful way.  They take the complex, and make it simple.  Your ability to crystallise thinking will become more important as your career progresses, as you face increasingly complex situations to manage.
  4. Taking Initiative – High performers take a situation, shape a solution and turn it into action. To find out how to become an initiative taker – click Taking Initiative – Chris Williams
  5. Harnessing Ambition – High performers have a drive to succeed, and to go beyond expectations. They layout a compelling vision, and a path to achieve that vision in a way that is clear, understandable and engaging.  They are then able to motivate those around them to achieve that ambition/goal/vision – with impact.
  6. Being Trusted – High performers operate independently, with less oversight and direction. They are relied upon to deliver results.  You’ll know you are in this position when your boss says, “Just keep me updated on the results, I trust your judgement.”
  7. Strong Leadership – Effective leaders engage their teams and inspire high performance. They motivate people to achieve more and overcome challenging circumstances.  Leaders keep teams focused on the end result, and recognise valued contributions from others. 

Promotion is an important part of career progression, and the pace you move is based on your ability to acquire new skills and capabilities.  That said, moving up too quickly can hamper your career.  It is important to build a strong foundation of skills and experiences at your current level, so you can be successful at the next level.  Use the feedback you receive as an opportunity to understand the areas you need to hone in on, so you are ready to take on bigger challenges in future.

Key Insights: High performers have a mix of traits that position them well for succeeding at the next level.  These traits include: Client focus, Relationship Building, Making the Complex Simple, Taking Initiative, Harnessing Ambition, Being Trusted and being a Strong Leader.  Career moves need to be managed carefully, so you are well positioned to take on the new challenges.

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Chris Williams – Financial Services Consulting, Senior Client Account Executive – Managing Director

Chris Williams is a leader with over 20+ years of experience in core banking transformation, merger integration and divestiture programmes in Financial Services consulting.  He is the Senior Client Account Lead for one of the firm’s Diamond client in the US, and consults with numerous banks globally.


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