Brid Russell: High Performers

In my experience, being a high performer is based on being a value adding, hardworking, dependable contributor to the company.  To do this, you need to understand your organisation, the people in it, your clients and what they value.  This takes some analysis,  assessment, and you need to draw insights, but once you do this you can find the pathway to high performance.

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By understanding your leaders, peers and client’s agenda and preferred engagement style, you can start to understand what is important to them. This is essential.  With this, you can start to get a better feel for what people want to see, and experience.

Knowing this helps you determine what is valued.  Then you can start to align your work to their goals.  In that way, you can be recognised for adding value, and that is where high performance is found.


Brid Russell  – Senior Manager, Financial Services, Consulting

I’m a problem solver, stakeholder manager and strategic thinker.  I work with start-up companies and on large scale programs with established organisations. I enjoy innovating with teams facing complex challenges.

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