Brid Russell: Facilitator or Disruptor – You Choose

“It was a conscious choice I made, to take on the role of a facilitator.  I have a straight-up style, and I was finding that the typical strategies I used, didn’t suit every situation.  It was becoming clear to me that if I wasn’t the facilitator, I could end up being the disruptor in the room.  I had to find another way.

I observed my mentor and realised he could inspire confidence, and help clients achieve their goals, without disrupting the structure or gains of others.  He had a more subtle, stealth-like way, and that appealed to me.

My decision to play the role of a facilitator, was a conscious one.  I told myself, “The day may not go as quickly as you want, but you are here to help everyone else.  How can you best achieve it?”

The decision to be the facilitator was a real game changer for me.  It shifted my focus to helping the entire team move forward, not just individuals.

 I had to learn how to listen, really listen.  It’s the basics, but I began replying to people in a way that kept discussion open, focussed and constructive.  I began asking more questions and found that playing back perspectives often helped individuals crystallise their thoughts and objectives.

 It’s like being a UN ambassador – inviting discussion, being more attentive and opening up conversations by saying things like, “that’s a good point, now let’s look at it another way” and inviting participants with different perspectives to give their views. Being a facilitator has turned out to be much more personally rewarding and my meetings are more productive.” 


Brid Russell  – Senior Manager, Financial Services, Consulting

I’m a problem solver, stakeholder manager and strategic thinker.  I work with start-up companies and on large scale programs with established organisations. I enjoy working with innovative functions and thrive in ambiguity and working in a fluid organization.

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